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 The Dorset Halls Networks aims to provide our affiliated halls to promote their hall to the outside world; access important and relevant information about running halls today; and providing opportunities for hall trustees to share experiences and provide each other with peer support.

Public use of Hall private Car park

We currently have problems with non- hall users parking their cars in the hall car park overnight and during the day. Politely reminding them that they should not park there, has no affect. One solution is to charge  non- hall users to park their cars. However I suspect this has many pitfalls, if any halls have experience of charging for parking or can give advice we would welcome it


Ron Cabble Mosterton Village Hall 

Dorset Halls Network

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Support for village and community halls falls to Dorset Community Action as the Rural Community Council for Dorset and it provides this service through the Village and Community Halls Advisory Service and the part time post of Village and Community Halls Adviser. The Halls Adviser works closely with the Dorset Village Halls Association which is a members organisation run by and for Dorset's village halls.

Committee Meeting Minutes: 090804 - 4th August 2009

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 Minutes of the DVHA Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 4 August 2009

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