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The first of the three objectives of the Dorset Halls Network is to help our halls promote their facility as a venue, to encourage more bookings and to get more visitors to their halls. To this end, this 'Promotions' section has three parts, the Venue Finder, the Activity Finder and the Event Finder. 

The input of information for these three facilities is totally dependant on each hall doing this for themselves. Within each menu sub-section there is an 'input' option that enables the basic data to be put on to the site. To subsequently change that data click on the 'directory' tag, then click 'view' next to the entry to changed and finally click on the 'edit' tag. Don't forget to click 'save' when you have finished. 



The Venue Finder contains details of your hall, its facilities and how to enquire about bookings. This will be used by the public sector, businesses and the general public to find venues for events, conferences, 'away days', exhibitions, wedding receptions, parties and so on. If you want more bookings you need to be in the Venue Finder !



The Activity Finder is to help promote the activities that go on in your hall and to help them recruit new members and thereby be reliable and financially viable hirers of your facility. Each hall may input the details of all its activities or it may want each activity to perform its own input. The activity finder will be used by people looking to find where a specific activity they are interested in takes place. It will also be useful for newcomers to a community to see exactly what goes on in their local hall.



The Event Finder is a way of advertising special events that you are holding in your hall. May be you have a film evening open to all or a concert perhaps, or your local drama group may have production coming up, or maybe its time for the village fete or flower show. What ever the event put it in the Event Finder so that all of Dorset can see what is going on in your hall.