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Association Business

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See minutes of the Associations committee meetings, add your comments, ideas or suggestions on the topics being discussed and get involved 'remotely' with the way your Association is run and what it is doing.



Discussion Forum

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This 'forum' facility enables you to ask your colleagues in other halls for information, advice, opinions, whatever. To add a new question click on the menu option to 'Pose new question' in the Networking Section... Answers Please. in the lh column. ; then type in a heading and the information you are seeking and then remember to click Save.

You can also use this facility to share information with others if you wish.


Classified Ads

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Let's talk about it ...

This is the first post on this new forum facility. The forum is an interactive facility where you can ask questions about hall management issues, talk about things that concern you, get advice and guidance from your peers, share experieince and knowledge and much more. 

This facility is for you, we hope you will use it.

Councils: County and District

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Dorset for You is the website maintained by the County Council and the provides Information about services across Dorset for residents, businesses and visitors. You need to contact your local council for advice on licensing, planning and environmental issues.


Community Matters

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Community Matters is the National Federation for Community Organisations. It is to community associations what ACRE (see above) is to village halls.


Charities Commission

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As village and community halls are usually registered charities the Charities Commission website is the ideal place to get advice and guidance on charity law and governance issues.

National Village Halls Forum

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The Forum was founded in 1983 to exchange & disseminate information

Dorset Village Halls Association

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The Dorset Village Halls Association is a separate body to Dorset Community Action. It is an association of village halls with its own constitution and management committee. It obviously has mutual interests to the Village Halls Advisory Service and we work together where possible on a range of projects. Here is introduction to the Association and what it offers ...

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