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The Event Finder Explained

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The EVENT FINDER service lets you know what major events are going on in halls across the county. Events listed in the EVENT FINDER are open to everyone and guests are welcome: 

  1. Events Directory 

    Here you can all the events that have been notified by halls presented in a chronological order, the soonest events listed first. 

  2. Events by Category

    If you have a particular interest in a special sort of event (amateur dramatics perhaps, or car boot sales) then select a category from the menu and see if there are any events coming up near you.

  3. Events by Hall
    If you want to know if there any special events coming up in a hall near you then select the name from the list and see what's happening. 

The data for the event finder is entered by the halls themselves. If your local hall is not mentioned then please contact your village or community hall management committee and suggest they register!