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Parliamentary Outreach Seminar: Dorchester 16 October

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Want to find out how you can have your say on proposed laws going through Parliament?

Come to a free Public Bill Seminar in Dorchester on Thursday 16 October 2014, 7pm – 9pm focusing on how laws go through Parliament and providing you with information on how to understand this process and engage with Parliament.   Join us to find out:

• What happens to a bill as it progresses through Parliament
• How to engage with bills and improve your campaigning

ACRE Advice sheets and Model Documents

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 The ACRE Datasheets are an invaluable source of advice on a number of issues concerning Village and Community Halls.  These used to be available from our Village Halls Advisor, but now can be ordered direct from ACRE by following this link.

We will continue to explore other methods of getting these from local sources more quickly, but in the meantime, please use this ordering method.


Invitation to a a Supplier's Fayre

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 Wiltshire Community First are holding a Supplier's Fayre in Wilton, just over the border from North Dorset, and have invited Dorset Halls to attend if we are interested.

Free entry – Friday 11th April 2-6 pm at Michael Herbert Hall, South Street, Wilton SP2 0JS Michael Herbert Hall, refreshments available.

Waste collection changes

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 Dorset Waste Partnership have asked that we publish the following for your information. Please address any questions to the waste partnership as shown below.


Waste collection services for public halls

We are trying to contact people responsible for dealing with waste from public halls to ensure that the correct waste collection services are in place.


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I suspect that the government spending review and the reduction in grants to local councils and other statutory bodies has not escaped your notice! It has been big news for some time now.

Which of these factors is the biggest issue your hall faces at the present time?

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Funding major refurbishment or improvements
33% (8 votes)
Finding volunteers to help with events
4% (1 vote)
Finding trustees to serve on the committee
21% (5 votes)
Finding bookings to make the hall more viable
8% (2 votes)
Keeping up with changes in legislation
17% (4 votes)
Finding booking clerks/caretakers/etc
17% (4 votes)
Total votes: 24

Contact us

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TO CONTACT INDIVIDUAL HALLS please refer to the Hall Booking Clerks Section.

The Dorset Halls Network launched in late January 2010 and has received on-going development since then. It was originally developed by Dorset Community Action with input from Dorset Village Halls Association.   It has recently been taken over completely by Dorset Village Halls Association (DVHA) and we are currently reviewing its content and design.

We would like to hear from you if:

Dorset Halls Network - in depth

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What is the Dorset Halls Network?

The ‘Dorset Halls Network’ is an Internet based support and information system for Dorset’s village and community halls. You can access it at:


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From time to time we issue a newsletter to all the Dorset Hall Network members primarily to draw attention to new content added to the site in the preceding couple of weeks or so. We also issue updates and notices, especially when there is something particularly important or interesting that we feel halls need to be alerted to.

Promotion Section

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The first of the three objectives of the Dorset Halls Network is to help our halls promote their facility as a venue, to encourage more bookings and to get more visitors to their halls. To this end, this 'Promotions' section has three parts, the Venue Finder, the Activity Finder and the Event Finder. 

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