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From time to time we issue a newsletter to all the Dorset Hall Network members primarily to draw attention to new content added to the site in the preceding couple of weeks or so. We also issue updates and notices, especially when there is something particularly important or interesting that we feel halls need to be alerted to.

In this section we have a store of previously issued newsletters and notices so that you can see if you have missed any! This is also a useful option for new users to the site to catch up one news issued prior to their joining and to people who have access to the Dorset Halls Network site but how are not the designated 'contact pivot' for their hall.

[We hold a single 'contact pivot' email address on the system to whom all newsletters and alerts are sent. We depend on that 'pivot' person to disseminate the information to the rest of their committee. If the wrong person is listed as the 'contact pivot' for your hall please do let us know and we will change it. Thanks.]