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view Thu, 03/03/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 Mark Herbert - Did Those Feet Walk on Devon's Pastures Green? DEMG Stapehill

 Traditions of Joseph of Arimathea and the boy Jesus visiting south-west England are reputedly confined to Cornwall and Somerset. They have been conspicuously absent from the bridging shire of Devon; land that, 2000 years ago, represented two-thirds of Dumnonia

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view Thu, 07/04/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 The Pros and Cons of Wireless Technology including 5G - Alan Cooke - DEMG

 April 7th 2022
Alan Cooke
The Pros and Cons of Wireless Technology including 5G

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view Thu, 05/05/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Short Talks and Short AGM

 Members will be presenting a variety of short talks. This evening is open to all, and proved a great success in previous years.


Jackie May - Whole Being Health

How body therapies such as massage and acupressure can also access and release deeply held emotions, traumas and memories from our whole being. This talk will give an overview as well as looking specifically at the work of Dr Aminah Raheem in developing Soul Lightening Acupressure.


Steve Hawker - A Brick In the Sewer

Beware of those who seek to profit from you by stealth

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view Thu, 02/06/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Tareth - The Real Alchemy

 Alchemy is about transforming from one state to another, not just the mystical magic, but opening to new ideas, changing patterns of life and releasing conditions to free the mind. It is embedded in sacred geometry but also in our mind and body DNA is not just a chemical it is an alchemic living energy that connects us to past knowledge and the present, as is our brain a vast alchemical centre of possibility. I will speak of my own experiences of being aware of this and how it is a part of all of us to use in our life

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view Thu, 07/07/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Stapehill - Ben Emlyn-Jones Roswell Rising

 Ben Emlyn-Jones is a former hospital porter and independent journalist who, over the course of his life, has come to realize that subjects most people laugh at like UFO's, the paranormal and government cover-ups are real. Not only are they real, they are the most important issues affecting the world today. Gaining an understanding of them has become a necessity. Ben is the author of the books Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure and its two sequels. He writes the HPANWO blog and a column in UFO Truth Magazine.

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view Thu, 04/08/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG Stapehill - Yuri Leitch - The Ogmios Line and the Celtic Mysteries of Dorset

 This 60 minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes Q and A, will look at late Victorian occult intrigues about Dorset Earth Mysteries that have evolved to shed light upon the spiritual mysticism of the heartlands of the Celtic tribe of Dorset; the Durotriges, and their relationship to their sacred landscape – and beyond.

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view Thu, 01/09/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 Stephen Tonkin - Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You - DEMG Stapehill

 September 1st 2022
Stephen Tonkin
Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You

From gamma-ray bursts to asteroid impacts, an overview of cataclysmic events. This light-hearted but scientifically robust approach incorporates a lot of fundamental cosmological processes, from stellar evolution to galactic interaction.

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view Thu, 01/12/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - In Search Of Isaac Gulliver, Legendary Dorset Smuggler - Malcolm Angel

 From the latter half of the eighteenth century, until the year of his death in 1822, Isaac Gulliver rose to become the most notorious and successful smuggler on the south coast of England. A figure of legend and mystery and a hero of romance, Gulliver and his army of moonrakers harried the Kings preventative officers along the coast of Hampshire and Dorset, from Christchurch in the east to Lyme Regis in the west.

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view Thu, 05/01/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 Incarnation - Who are we really and where are we from? Steve Hawker - DEMG Stapehill VH

 Steve Hawker is the Treasurer and the Secretary of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group. From his late teens, Steve has experienced many strange events, and has had lots of proof that we are not just flesh and blood, from his own experiences and also the experiences of others. He will share his personal belief system, and how it explains many aspects of our mysterious world, in both how it operates, and how it came to be like it is.

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view Thu, 02/02/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 David Freeman - The Re-Settlement of Britain in Prehistory - Dorset Earth Mysteries - Stapehill VH

 Prehistory is the time before written records. It's the period of human history we know the least about, but it's also the longest by far. The earliest known humans arrived in these lands around 900,000 years ago. Prehistory stretches from then until the Roman invasion in AD 43.
David is an archaeologist who has built many roundhouses using the traditional materials and techniques, and will guide us through the period from Settlement to Civilisation...
A saunter through pehistory, and the development of Britain after the Ice Age.

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view Thu, 02/03/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Stapehill Village Hall - Alison Crocker - Strange Sightings and Mysterious Creatures in the New Forest and Beyond

 The New Forest is a place of beauty and splendour, but it is also a place of secrets and darkness, where mysterious creatures roam and strange discoveries are made. In this book you will hear true accounts from everyday folk who have seen everything from Bigfoot to big cats, from ghosts to fairies, and everything in between – all in the beautiful and enigmatic surroundings of the New Forest and beyond.

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view Thu, 06/04/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Stapehill Village Hall - Gary Biltcliffe - Mysterious Portland

 The new book by Gary Biltcliffe - Mysterious Portland: Revealing the Sacred Landscape and Legacy of Britain’s Masonic Isle’ delves into new discoveries on Dorset’s Isle of Stone including Masonic secrets, Venus worship, sacred measure and a new concept for the enigmatic Maiden Castle.

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view Thu, 01/06/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Stapehill - Maria Wheatley - Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing

 Maria Wheatley
Egyptian Pendulum Dowsing

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view Thu, 06/07/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Ben Emlyn-Jones Helen Duncan - the Most Dangerous Psychic in the World - Stapehill VH

 Ben is the author of the books Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure and its two sequels. He writes the HPANWO blog and a column in UFO Truth Magazine. Tonight he will be looking at the strange case of Helen Duncan. The 1944 "Witchcraft Trial" in which psychic medium Helen Duncan was imprisoned for nine months, took place seventy-eight years ago, yet it still arouses controversy and is as relevant today as it has ever been.

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view Thu, 05/10/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Luzia Barclay - The not so sweet side of honey

 Natural beekeeping offers an alternative to the present way of commercial beekeeping. It is a method that respects the life and life cycle of bees instead of making the business of harvesting honey easier and more lucrative for humans. Bees are exposed to a huge range of manmade events that endanger their lives: monoculture, glyphosate, electromagnetic fields, interference within the hive like killing queens and drones, preventing swarming and so on. Observing wild bees which still live in hollow trees in woods will help us gain insight into ways to keep bees the natural way.

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view Thu, 02/11/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Richard Hutley - WHO SHOT JFK? (Or who didn't)

 November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas.
But who shot him? Oswald?, The Man on the Grassy Knole? Was it 3, 4 or 10 shots? The Magic Bullet!, What did LBJ have to gain? Was George H Bush involved? Who was the Umbrella Man?
Factual history is not what they tell you!

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view Thu, 07/12/2023 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Dr Kathy Stearne Water Meadows – the Myth and magic of the Drowner

 Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales Kathy has a love for the countryside and history. She has worked in agriculture and conservation since 1980. Kathy gained a Doctorate in Agricultural History and Ecological Management, from Imperial College London, in 2004. She presently runs a consultancy for land owners and farmers, advising on conservation (in the widest sense of the word), ecology, and hydrology. She has many years’ experience as a successful lecturer and mentor.

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view Thu, 04/01/2024 - 19:15 - 22:00 DEMG - Malcolm Angel - Haunted Wimborne

 Several years ago, a publishing house was producing a series of commercial books on paranormal ‘stories’ in ancient towns and asked me if I would be prepared to produce one on Wimborme. Apart from the fact that I was working on another book with a completely different subject I wasn’t impressed with the scant detail in one of their books which I had on my shelf. I also hadn’t researched seriously any local evidence of note and therefore turned them down.

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view Thu, 04/04/2024 - 19:15 - 22:00 BIGFOOT - Fact or Fiction? - Richard Hutley - Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

 Bigfoot (otherwise known as Sasquatch) is a Cryptic large half man, half ape creature reportedly roaming the forests, mountains and uninhabited wilderness of North America. Evidence suggests that these creatures exists, supported by Native American folklore stretching back long before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas. Denied by science, but witnessed by countless people, video footage, DNA and other supporting evidence. With a basis in History and Folklore, this presentation takes you through the evidence and allows you to 'Make your mind up'

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Hall: Test Community
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view Sat, 11/05/2024 - 10:00 DVHA AGM

 DVHA AGM 11 May 2024

A reminder that our 2024 AGM will be on 11 May at Brownsword Hall, Poundbury which is roughly central to Dorset.

Please make a note of the date in your diary. Sheila Wade who is a Trustee at Woollands Village Hall will share her experience of setting up a Community Interest Company (CIC).

If you have any other topic you wish to be included, please let us know.

More details in our next newsletter

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