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DEMG - Short Talks and Short AGM

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Talk or Presentation
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Thu, 05/05/2022 - 19:15 - 22:00

 Members will be presenting a variety of short talks. This evening is open to all, and proved a great success in previous years.


Jackie May - Whole Being Health

How body therapies such as massage and acupressure can also access and release deeply held emotions, traumas and memories from our whole being. This talk will give an overview as well as looking specifically at the work of Dr Aminah Raheem in developing Soul Lightening Acupressure.


Steve Hawker - A Brick In the Sewer

Beware of those who seek to profit from you by stealth


Roger Anderton - Pythagorean Brain Tuning

Modern education system through such methods as learning by rote causes a brain imbalance between left and right hand hemispheres of the brain, so most people live in one side of the brain instead of the other. While back in ancient times there was not this imbalance, so ancient man had a different perspective on looking at things; that is after being initiated through the ancient Mystery schools - especially the Pythagorean school. When brain is balanced this allows full access to brain functions such as releasing psychic abilities. Unfortunately, only know the theory and not able to do the practical.