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 If you are looking beyond your Hall for help and guidance, we recommend signing up for the regular Dorset Community Action eBulletins.  They are free and informative on areas of interest to Halls.

For example, this is an extract from their latest eBulletin:

DCA Training Events

 Forthcoming DCA training and events

In case you are nor subscribed to receiving Dorset Community Action's E-Bulletins:

DCA Training Schedule

DCA Training Courses for operating our Halls in a professional manner

Please follow the links below or contact DCA direct if you want to attend any of the events.

Hallmark Application Process Monitor


This information is provided to help you see how the Hallmark scheme is progressing in Dorset. Further information can be obtained from The Hallmark Scheme Manager for Dorset, Baird Oldrey  01202877458 or

Status as at 1st April 2016 ...

Hallmark 1 Awards made to date:

Step 7: Hallmark Award


The Community First Hallmark moderator will only recommend to the national administrative body, ACRE, that a hall be awarded Hallmark 1 once the following criteria have been met:

Step 5: Assessment Visit


The purpose of the assessment visit is for the visitors to see evidence that your hall complies with the published Hallmark standards. Please remember:

Step 4: Pre-visit Document Review


When your hall is approaching the top of the waiting list you will be invited to submit your hall's Pre-visit Document Pack and this needs to be with DVHA/Community First within four weeks of it being requested. If it is not it will probably mean that your assessment visit will need to be put back or your hall may be moved back to the bottom of the waiting list.

Once again, here are the documents you will need to submit:

Step 3: Pre-visit Document Pack


Once you receive confirmation that your hall has been accepted on to the programme you should start to prepare for the first part of your formal assessment by compiling a pack of documents to submit for your visitors to review before they come to see you. This process serves four functions:

Step 2: Expression of Interest

Once you have completed the Visitor Checklist for each level for which you are applying and are confident your hall scores sufficient for certification you are ready to proceed to the next step and complete the DVHA Hallmark entry application form that can be downloaded from this page (see below).

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