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Charity Law

Cerne Abbas Village Hall

 It has been suggested that we move from Trust Deed status with the Charity Commision to Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This advice seems to be that it limits Trustee liabilities, although we are insured for this under our present status.  It appears at first sight to be an awful lot of hassle, including interactions with the CC and Land Registery and perhaps needing legal assistance which will cost. 

 Are there any members who can offer advice, please? 

George Mortimer 

Is your land registered correctly with the Land Registry?

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 Charity land: register it or risk losing it
This article looks at the responsibility charities have to protect their assets including land. It considers some of the risks of losing unregistered land and suggest registration with the Land Registry as one of a number of safeguarding measures. Find out more at

Charity commission changes

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 The Charity Commission website has moved to

Declaration of trustees
Reminder for each new trustee - they must sign a declaration. There is a new form for this -

Making Payments using e-Banking

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The legal requirement to have two signatories on a payment has recently been repealed (2013?) as the introduction of payment by eBanking has become more common.

However, some Hall Constitutions, Charities and Funders (such as the National Lottery) still require 2 signatures, so you should check your own particular situation and act accordingly.

Some Banks are able to offer Accounts where an electronic countersign authorisation can be added to an electronic payment before the payment will be made.  At this point in time (mid 2014), our understanding is as follows:

The committee's Quorum

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The hall's governing document says that a quorum will be a minimum of one half of the number of members present but at a meeting there is one short of this number:

Trustee or representing a user group?

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The hall has been operating at a deficit and the trustees are discussing raising hiring charges. A representative of one of the groups who have a place on the committee objects saying their group would have to move elsewhere if hire charges are increased. Should the committee:

'LawWorks Choices' Scheme

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The LawWorks Choices project has now achieved 1850 hours of pro bono work amongst the current volunteers, which is a fantastic achievement, and we are very proud!

Corporate form for charities, the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

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Corporate form for charities, the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

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