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Making Payments using e-Banking

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The legal requirement to have two signatories on a payment has recently been repealed (2013?) as the introduction of payment by eBanking has become more common.

However, some Hall Constitutions, Charities and Funders (such as the National Lottery) still require 2 signatures, so you should check your own particular situation and act accordingly.

Some Banks are able to offer Accounts where an electronic countersign authorisation can be added to an electronic payment before the payment will be made.  At this point in time (mid 2014), our understanding is as follows:

These banks offer a dual-signature facility:

CAF Bank - Charity Aid Foundation

Lloyds Bank - Treasurer's Account

 Barclays - on certain types of Account only


and the following do not.  Please let us know if you find better information for us to update this, by clicking on 'Add a comment' link below right.




We are still investigating the following: