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15th July 2009 - PAYE and NI Payments

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 Penalties for late payments

You should be aware that charities (and that will include halls) which employ staff will fall within the new penalty regime which, for the first time, will penalise employers for the late payment of monthly PAYE and National Insurance Contribution payments, unless a time to pay arrangement has been agreed with HM Revenue & Customs. - Please be careful!

14th July 2009 - Extended Schools Capital Fund

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 There is a 'movement'  known as 'Extended Schools' and this is now being supported by governnment money as theExtended Schools Capital Fund which is being made available to primary schools, special schools and pupil referral units.  Any village halls that are very close (both physically and socially) to these schools and where the hall could be used for activities by the school (sports, activities, lunch club, etc), could access funding to make any necessary alterations that might be needed to host that finction.

10th July 2009 - Informal Adult Learning

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 There’s a  Government White paper on informal adult learning which is making recommendations that publicly owned buildings to be made available free or at a low cost for learning – this may have implications for village halls’ ability to generate income in the future – but may equally be of little significance to them 

Here is an extract: 

8th July 2009 - Changes to Hall Premises Licences

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 We understand that the proposed to the licensing regime will take effect from the end of July.


If a hall already holds a Premises Licence that includes the sale of alcohol then a fee of £23.00 should be submitted with the application for removal of the DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) requirement.

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