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Music licence changes for the not for profit sector

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 The UK government has amended the music licensing rules for not for profit organisations. The new rules will come into effect on the 1st January 2011 and will mean that many community buildings and village halls will require an additional music licence.


Alcohol licensing conditions

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 If your premises sells or supplies alcohol, you must now hold an age verification policy and ensure you offer smaller serving measures to your customers.

In April this year we announced the first three conditions of the Licensing Act 2003 (mandatory licensing conditions) order 2010. They apply to all licensed premises and those with a club premises certificate in England and Wales. They were:

17th February 2010: NCVO 'Don't Stop the Music' Campaign

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NCVO is campaigning against the Government's decision to make charities and other not for profits pay for a licence when they play recorded music in their own premises. To date, charitable organisations have been exempt from these charges and NCVO believes this should continue.

18th November 2009 - Exemption from Licencing Charges to end?

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 You may pick up in the media the issues around the IPO announcement that exemptions from licensing are to be removed.


In very simple terms this means that PPL will now be able to charge for a licence – charitable halls have previously been exempt.  There has never been an  exemption from PRS (as you know) for halls only for worship and hospitals. You may recall the consultation back in the summer. See ACRE’s website.


26th October 2009 - Licence Appilcations on-line

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 Advance notice of a new on-line facility for village halls (and others) to apply for licences on line:

8th July 2009 - Changes to Hall Premises Licences

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 We understand that the proposed to the licensing regime will take effect from the end of July.


If a hall already holds a Premises Licence that includes the sale of alcohol then a fee of £23.00 should be submitted with the application for removal of the DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) requirement.

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