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Sustainable Dorset Sunday Talks: Sustainable & Healthy Homes

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Sun, 11/08/2019 - 16:00 - 18:00

Sustainable Sunday Talk: Sustainable & Healthy Homes

At: Fontmell Magna Village Hall, West St., SP7 0PS

Please join us for an enlightening talk about creating sustainable homes with healthy interiors and eco-friendly building and heating techniques, presented by Jenny Morisetti, an interior designer and expert in energy efficiency retrofits for pre 1919 buildings, healthy home environments with natural or recycled materials and home biology.

Do you know how to ‘sail’ your house? Has it reached its full potential in terms of low carbon efficiency? What is ‘Home Biology’ and how can you create a healthy interior environment? All these interesting questions and more will be covered in Jenny’s illustrated presentation on sustainable homes.

The entry fee for this event will be £2 for members of either Sustainable Dorset (Dorset Agenda 21) or Springhead, or £4 for non-members. It is hoped that you will join one of these registered charities online as this only costs £6/£12 or £10 per year respectively and this will save you £2 off each event. Full details on membership benefits and options are given on their websites below:

All welcome

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