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The Activity Finder Explained:


The ACTIVITY FINDER service lets you see what is going on in your hall or enables you to find out in which halls the activity of your choice is held :

  1. Clubs Directory

    An alphabetical list if all clubs registered on the site.

  2. Activity by Type 
    If you have a particular interest you may want to find a club or group of like minded people who already meet at a hall near you. Select that activity from the menu list and see all the halls we know about that host that activity along with contact details. If you already run a sports based activity and you are looking for other clubs to play against you will find this invaluable.
  3. Activity by Hall

    You may be new to a village or community and are keen to get involved in activities that go on there but do you know what goes on in your village hall? If your hall has entered its primary activities into our 'Activity Finder' service you can see at a glance what goes on in your hall, when and who to contact if you want more information.

The data for the activity finder is entered by the halls themselves. If your club or group is not mentioned then please contact your village or community hall management committee and ask them to add you!