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 Minutes of the DVHA Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 4 August 2009

 at Morden Village Hall, Wareham, Dorset BH20 7DL


Chair: Baird Oldrey (BO) - West Moors

Secretary: Mary Mathers (MM) - Morden VH

Members: Michael Sheasby (MS) - Thorncombe, Colin Rhymes – Stalbridge, John Clode - Canford Cliffs VH

Peter Orchard (PO) – DCA

Apologies from: Marian Eldrett - Woodlands VH, Simon Thomson (ST) - LUCA, Bill Crumbleholme (BC), Upwey VH, Pat Pullen (PP) - Walditch VH, Brian Baggott (BB) & Pat Baggott (PB) - Moreton VH,

1.    Welcome

BO welcomed everyone and thanked MM for hosting the meeting at Morden.

2.    Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 30 May 2009 were agreed and signed.

3.    Matters arising (not covered below)

The new licensing rules come into effect on 29/07/09 – information available on the DCA website.  PO’s paper to be reissued in .doc format so that it can be read by everyone. Data protection registration – carried forward in ST’s absence.

4.    Chairman’s Report

BO reported that he had missed the Thriving Communities meeting while on holiday.  This group sets some budgets.  There was also a presentation from people co-ordinating Olympic efforts. 

BO has been talking to PO about websites etc.  DCA have chosen DRUPAL, a good tool for designing websites but it has been implemented with some functionality disabled.  We need a website structure for general public enquiries and also for the halls’ needs.  Input from DCA and DVHA is needed to provide a seamless service.

The funding for the Connecting Dorset project finishes in March 2010.  BO proposes that DVHA takes over the co-ordinating role.

It is important to have a focus for the rest of this year and BO proposed that we focus on the website.  Lots of people haven’t yet met PO.

To improve communication, we must focus on every hall having an email address – only 16 have not at the moment. 

MS suggested that non-members be invited to area meetings to show them what they are missing.

JC commented that trustees need to keep themselves abreast of legislation.  BO proposed that DVHA enabled training events by organising the hall and DCA providing the lecturer.

5.    Secretary’s Report

MM reported that the NVHF AGM would be in November.  The increase in Water Rates is being challenged.  JC suggested that halls check that their bills from Wessex Water are correct.

6.    Treasurer’s Report

JC reported that nothing has happened.  BO has statements to February 2009 and will chase David McKinna to find out where the other statements are.  PO to chase the payment from DCA.

The following resolution required by the HSBC Bank was proposed by CR and seconded by MS.

(i)   That the bank account be continued with the HSBC Bank plc (the ‘Bank’) and the bank is authorised to

a.    Pay all cheques and other instructions for payment or accept instructions to stop such payments signed on behalf of the Association by any two of the listed signatories (the ‘signatory’) whether any account of the Association is in debit or credit;

b.    Deliver any item held on behalf of the Association by the Bank in safe keeping against a written receipt of the signatory; and

c.    Accept the signatory as fully empowered to act on behalf of the Association in any other transactions with the Bank (including closing any accounts).

(ii)  That any debt incurred to the Bank under this mandate shall, in the absence of written agreement by the Bank to the contrary, be repayable on demand.

(iii) That the Secretary from time to time is authorised to supply the Bank as and when necessary with lists of persons who are authorised to sign, give receipts and act on behalf of the Association and that the Bank may rely upon such lists.

(iv)That these resolutions remain in force until cancelled by notice in writing to the Bank, signed by the Chairperson or Secretary from time to time acting or claiming to act on behalf of the Association and the Bank shall be entitled to act on such notice whether the resolutions have been validly cancelled or not.

Agreed unanimously.

7.    Correspondence


8.    Organisation

Partnership with DCA & Technology support

BO said that we needed a common view with DVHA and DCA as 2 sides of the same coin – professionals and volunteers working together.  Communication is the best way of showing common views.  We need to promote a single members area with matters of interest to hall management. PO has done a great job at setting up the website within the limitations.  The common website is with information for the general public – activities/events/hiring information and information for halls management eg ACRE sheets.  DVHA to fund the DVHA website - £2.99 per month + possibly £10 per year for domain registration. 

For the Dorset Halls website BO proposed that we sign up as DVHA and take the unlimited user option of £50.99 + VAT per year, building using DRUPAL.  This could offer

~     List of members

~     Access Forums

~     Hall details

~     Newsflash

~     Diary for events

~     Event manager – booking online

~     Member & non-member sections

~     Facilities for pictures and videos

~     Automated email alerts.

Seconded bt CR, agreed unanimously.

CR suggested that the hall membership should be £35 next year.

BO said that we need to talk to Steve Place to discuss the structure of collaboration.  Also we need to get the bones of the website set up before organising the area meetings.

BO & PO to liaise over hall lists to mail all members and non-members.  Each area representative to contact those halls that have no email address.  PO has written to 16 halls- need to wait a couple of weeks for response before chasing.  BO will be the nominated contact.

NVHF subscription

BO to confirm that the current bank balance is sufficient to pay the subscription.

Area Structure and Representatives

MS is in the West area. 

9.    Events

Area based meetings

PO proposed an Autumn Conference in October with the theme of the ‘funding issue’.  This could be a single event for all Dorset or 2 road shows – East & West.  BO’s preference was for the morning general session and afternoon training.  MS thought that halls not interested in a subject would not attend.  PO said that he could attend 3 meetings per subject.  BO proposed 3 area meetings to introduce PO and launch the website.  PO proposed Monday or Tuesday evenings 7-9pm.

10. Connecting Dorset Support

BO suggested that DVHA have an interest subgroup. 

11. Reports on Projects


12. Meeting Calendar

Next committee meeting early September 2009. Subsequently date confirmed as Tuesday 24 November at Upwey VH starting at 10 am. 

13. Any Other Business

The pension rules for employees are changing which may affect some halls.  Michael Stevenette to be asked if DVHA has permission to use the Coat of Arms.


Mary Mathers

Secretary Dorset Village Halls Association

Wayside Cottage, 36 West Morden, WAREHAM, Dorset BH20 7EA
Tel: 01929 459217  e-mail: