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Minutes of the DVHA Committee Meeting held on Saturday 14 February 2009

 at Lytchett and Upton Community Centre, Poole Road, Upton,

Dorset BH16 5JA



Chair: Baird Oldrey (BO), West Moors

Secretary: Mary Mathers (MM), Morden VH

Members: Bill Crumbleholme (BC), Upwey VH

Brian Baggott (BB), Pat Baggott (PB), Moreton VH

Simon Thomson (ST), LUCA

Apologies from: Pat Pullen (PP) Walditch VH, Nicky Wales DCA


1.    Welcome

BO welcomed everyone and thanked ST for hosting the meeting at LUCA.

2.    Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 8 November 2008 were agreed and signed.

3.    Matters arising (not covered below)

ST reported that we probably need data protection registration.  It was agreed that ST, as membership secretary, would apply.

4.    Chairman’s Report

BO announced that Nicky Wales has resigned.  It is hoped that someone can be recruited soon.  BO, who sat on interview panel, will follow up with DCA.

In these circumstances, DVHA is needed more than ever.  BO wants to use this as an opportunity by showing that DVHA/DCA are working together at the AGM and by establishing clear lines of communication (website/phone etc.).  The new VHA will be funded for 2.5 days per week.  BB asked if DVHA could part-finance.  BO responded that Wiltshire do this but we may need to build up DVHA first.  MM commented that there could be difficulties as some halls want/need individual hand-holding.

BO has attended the Thriving Communities Theme Groupwhch has a role in applying for 3rd Sector finance from DCC.  Funding is bound to get more difficult.  

5.    Secretary’s Report

Items reported elsewhere. 

6.    Financials (in lieu of Treasurer’s Report)

MM commented that not having a Treasurer is difficult as we need to present a set of accounts at the AGM.  Bo has David McKinna’s papers.  Sue Oldrey has volunteered to prepare for the AGM.  Her offer was gratefully accepted unanimously.  Also need to get David Vever’s signature for the transfer of account signatories.

BO has received approx £1,000 for Lois’s retirement fund.  Donations have been received from individuals as well as halls and Parish Councils.  LR is planning to stay in touch, first to prepare the budgets for the Capital Grants Committee and also to start up the Hallmark scheme.

7.    Correspondence


8.    Organisation

DVHA/DCA Membership/Subscriptions – MM has prepared draft invoice to claim £7 from DCA for 114 halls. Payment to be sent to BO.  No membership form on the DCA website.  MM to get electronic copy.

NVHF – the 2007-8 subscription needs to be paid out of the 2008 membership fees.  We also need to pay 2008-9.  Total £300.  this was agreed.

DVHA Committee – we need to build up the committee but not necessarily by area.

9.    Events

Rural Advocate Bus Tour – Lois Rose is organising this for 27 February.  BC volunteered to go on tour.

AGM  - Saturday 14 March Leigh VH 10am – 2pm.   Sue Oldrey has volunteered to provide catering.  MM tea, coffee and biscuits.   Bo will prepare calling notice.

Phil Burton from Leigh VH has offered to organise conducted tours around the hall.

Agenda for day

-       Business of AGM

-       Communications (BC & ST)

-       DCA State of the nation – Steve Place DCA

-       End of Term Report – Lois Rose

-       Presentation to Lois

-       Lunch


Phil Burton to be asked if he would present to Lois.  Gifts to include an album (MM), Cake (BO, ST to organise photo montage for decoration), flowers (MM), small gift (BB to investigate Purbeck/Portland stone or BO to purchase crystal), cheque of remaining money.

DVHA to organise a separate training Day.

ST is planning to run workshops at LUCA later this year on sustainable and renewable energy and risk assessment.  The hall takes 250 people so other halls would be able to attend.

10. Connecting Dorset Support

The Connecting Dorset project is coming to a close.  Could organise an end of term party for halls that have joined up.  Extra money has been made available for running costs and Morden have received a grant of £2,000 for their telephone installation. 

11. Reports on Projects


12. Website

The website presence need to be enhanced with graphics and an advert for the AGM.  Also need a framework for the Yahoo groups.  AGM minutes and ACRE material would also need loading.   

13. Meeting Calendar

 Next committee meeting at Moreton VH on Saturday 18 April 2009 @ 10 am. 

14. Any Other Business


Mary Mathers

Secretary Dorset Village Halls Association

Wayside Cottage, 36 West Morden, WAREHAM, Dorset BH20 7EA
Tel: 01929 459217  e-mail: