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Recycling Centres at Village Halls

Do you house a Recycling Centre?

Many halls house Recycling Centres for the benefit of their Community.  The Dorset Waste Partnership are proposing to close the majority of these 'bring bank centres' between March and May 2014 - this year!  As unpaid partners in this facility, we have been neither consulted, rewarded or thanked.  It would appear that in future any glass or cans or plastic bottles currently put in these bins are to be considered as 'Trade Waste' for which we will have to pay.

If you want to see how much it will cost you, see our NewsHeadline on Waste Collection Charges from last September

If you want to see what is planned for your Hall site, here is the Report by the DWP to the County Council dated today.  The details for each hall is contained in Appendix 5 towards the end of the Report.